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Spreadsheets for Steel Design by Limit-state method as per Indian Code IS 800 : 2007 have been developed by Mr.N.Prabhakar, Chartered Structural Engineer, Vasai (E), Thane Dist., Maharashtra, India.

The programs included are 14 nos. Excel spreadsheets for various structural steel elements commonly encountered in a design office, viz. Beams and Compound Beams, Tension members, Compression members, Members subjected to axial force and bending moments, Crane Girder, Welded Plate Girder, Purlin and Sheeting Rails with and without sag rods, Effective Length of Column, Bolted and Welded connections, and Sectional Properties of any shape.   Besides, programs are there for elastic analysis of Pin-Jointed Truss, Continuous Beam up to 9 spans, and Single Spans of type simply supported/fixed/propped cantilever/cantilever.

Several elements can be designed at a time in most programs, and hundreds of Indian steel sections are there to choose from. The spreadsheets are presented in a tabular form, and the print-outs are in suitable format for record/submission purpose.  It is fast, practical, and a useful tool for the steel design.


 PRICE Rs. 10,000/- for STeel Design Software

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